Baby Contest


Sunday, July 7, 2019 Farm Bureau Building – Sponsored by the Grandview Extension Home-Ec Club

$5 Entry Fee, MONEY ORDER OR CASH – NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED; $10 entry fee, for entries received after July 3.


  1. All contestants must be residents of Bartholomew County.
  2. Contestants should pre-register by mail. Entry fee (Cash or money order to the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair) must be paid day of contest.  Entry forms are available in the fair book or through link below.  Entries received before July 3 have a discounted entry fee of $5; otherwise, the fee is $10.
  3. Please come only 15 minutes early to pick up your baby’s number. Note that this is not an air conditioned building, so you may want to check out the air conditioned Community Building (with 4-H projects) or the Family Arts Building (after 2 pm). Class placement and judging times are as follows:

2 p.m. Class 1: 10-13 months boys/girls

2 p.m. Class 2: 14-18 months boys/girls

2:45 p.m. Class 3: 3-6 months boys/girls

2:45 p.m. Class 4: 7-9 months boys/girls

3:30 p.m. Class 5: 19-24 months boys/girls

3:30 p.m. Class 6: Twins, triplets & more

Boys and girls in each class will be judged separately. There will be an honor group, a runner-up and a winner selected for a boy and girl in each class.  Remember this is a personality contest, not a fashion show.

Information: Katrina Brumley, 11121 W. 525 S. Columbus, IN 47201, 812-603-1471

Baby Personality Contest Entry Form  (Adobe Acrobat)

For older kids….


Saturday, July 6, 2019, $5 Entry Fee   Little Miss & Mister Entry Form

Interview — 1 p.m. at Gazebo next to David Boll Theatre; Public Contest — 5 p.m. David Boll Theatre

  1. Each contestant must be at least 5 years of age and cannot have reached his or her 8th birthday before Sept. 1, 2019.
  2. The contestant must reside in Bartholomew County.
  3. Any contestant who has performed or competed on the professional level (for monetary gain) in anything other than amateur contests will be considered ineligible for this contest. No previous winners eligible. Each contestant will be judged separately.
  4. At the interview, each contestant will receive a T-shirt to be worn with khaki/tan shorts to the Public Contest.
  5. Each contestant will have a 2-minute interview with the judges. Interview and rehearsal times will be scheduled following registration. Someone from the committee will call you with the time.
  6. Judging will be divided into two divisions:

Division 1 — Interview; Based on conduct, personality, attentiveness and response to questions.

Division 2 — Public Contest; Based on poise, personality and overall presentation.

  1. Registration fee of $5 must accompany the registration form by July 1, 2019. No late entries accepted.